Friday, June 06, 2008

Only Real Gangstas Surroundin' Us

Young Mr. So Damn Sick I figure I'd post some shit that im really feeling right now that Chico aint already posted.

San Quinn - Real Gangstas Surroundin Us (featuring PSD) [Produced by Traxamillion]

Really Feeling this one. PSD tight as always, his vocals hella remind me of Kokane. Traxamillion made a super hot one. I hope this is on Quinns next Album!

J-Nash - Feelin' U (featuring Kaz Kyzah)

R&Bay. If you hear this track you can almost forget the fact that Nash is signed to Thizz Entertainment. A real good look and I can hear a developement in Kaz flow. He dont sound like Clyde Carson much no more.

Young Mess - I Stay Peppered Up

Yes Yes The Boy Boy Young Mess got the Vococder.

Young Mess - I'm Havin Chedda (featuring Matt Blaque)

More Sick Mess. And More Fun with Vocoder.

San Quinn - They All Wating On Me

And I just have to post this one. It is gonna be on Quinns album for sure. If the rest of his album is half as amazing as this track Pressure Makes Diamonds might just get topped!


Chico said...

nice post keep doin yo thang (no homo)

david650 said...

nice post. but i gotta say i like the old kaz better than how his flows are on that j. nash track.

Anonymous said...

i thought it was crap

Mr. So Damn Sick said...

thats koo wit me bruh, you dont have to like it.

Anonymous said...

ay wassup my name is Mi$tah Blink$, ima producer n i rap n im doin dis mixtape wit my boi C.H.A.O.S. n i wuz wonderin if u could go 2 my music page ( n check out some of the songz... if u like em i wud be grateful if u post some up yur blog... hit me back on myspace or @ my email -

Anonymous said...

i know you guys like lupe. you should hit up 'gangsta's groove' and 'G4'

Western Addition said...

Trying to spread the word and get this video some serious push...


Anonymous said...

so far summmer posts have been as slow as the rest of the year.