Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Comments responds and news

i dont think you guys got it the moment i posted it because i was one of the first to have it .and the cd leaked a few hours after and thats were everyone posted it . but if some of you guys have it what are your thoughts on it i personally liked it i give it a 5 out of 5

And to the person talkin about the bay i sort of feel you (no homo) on the bay shit its get a bit played out but it still has a chance thanks to the jacka , mistah f.a.b. if he stops doin his dummy retarded raps and juss sticks to that stuff he was doin on the baydestrian was good and had mean ing i think i would of been better if he took out some of the songs like that im goin crazy joint that was the wackest shit i have ever herd!! The Pack, Team Knoc, Diligentz, San Quinn , The Frontline,Rig Rich, Balance and Ya Boy

got a Email for the Blog so if you're an artist ,like to share music to with us ,or trynna be part of Hood Affiliated go to
hoodaffiliated@gmail.com also will have the email on the side in case you forget it.and have a myspace for it as well vist it here http://www.myspace.com/hoodaffiliated and add it!!

gonna have music on soon so juss wait a day or 2 don't forget to click the ads fo support


Anonymous said...

Thanks for reading the comments and writing about it. I feel you on that. Sites hot though.
Carter III is dope. I give it a 5 out of 5. Not quite his style 100% as older cds you know. But he grew as a rapper. Uses crazy metaphors and is still hot. He did his thing on this one.
Props for this..

GONZALO (99 probles but a bitch aint une) said...

naw i dint really like it to slow for me it seems that his guest appearence was better than his own CD but i guess is aight i probly just got to listen to it a couple more time to like it...