Monday, June 02, 2008


New Artist+STFU

Well, here go some new artist w/t some known artist, and just FUCK-ing new artist period(Knock)...This a CALL-out to whoever posted a comment about "Tha Grimyees" supposely they slap I need proof, well hit me up if you wanna be known...

P.s Haters Not Welcomed....Keep Leaching Musik, And STFU!

Support+Knock' Knock'
Get On It- Wille Joe Ft. Keak Da Sneak

That's My Music- The Yay Area Connect

Suitcase- Go Getta's Ft. Diligentz

Fresh Boyz- Young Bari Ft. Diligentz

Im Going Dumb-NHT



Smack- B.I.G.
(Not Biggie Smalls)Some of these Artist Need New Names....


Anonymous said...

ya,dis is tha brody that talked about tha grimyees.jus go ahead and google them and u will find their myspace page.listen 2 all tha slaps on tha page.dey all slap sum betta than othas.they allready got a music video out 4 1 of tha songs & cummin out wit a new video real soon.dey jus shot it a few weeks ago.nuthin real big jus a street video.-david

Anonymous said...

the fresh boys are a group not a song