Friday, June 20, 2008

Base Rock Music: Trick Yaaah!

Hey Mr. So Damn here I got a few bad ones right here that I thought I should post.

Young Mess - All In Da Club

some real different type of Club song.

Guce - I'm A G (featuring Jynx of Go DAV)

Guce - Friend Like Me (featuring Young Mess & Dru Down)

sick 2Pac sample and cover and beat.

Guce - Get Loose (featuring Balance)

hyphy may be out but Base Rock Music is sicker

The Jacka - You See Me (featuring Andre Nickatina)

second song to use this Traxamillion beat. You decide which is better. This one or the San Quinn/PSD song.

Sky Balla - That's Him (featuring San Quinn & Big Rich)

Andre Nickatina & Mac Dre - My Homeboy's Chevy (Of New Tale of 2 Andres)

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