Sunday, April 22, 2007

Heres some slap off dat new bone thugs cd
*Bone Thugs - 9 mm

*Bone Thugs - Candy Paint

*Bone Thugs feat. Mariah Carey and Bow Wow- Lil Love

Not on the new Cd

*Bone Thugs - Just Vibe

*Bone Thugs feat Jodeci - You Got My Back

Heres is some throw back bone thugs

*Bone Thugs - Extacy

*Bone Thugs feat Biggie - Notorious Thugs

*Bone Thugs - 1st of the month

*Bone Thugs feat Tupac - Thug Luv

guess i got it done sooner than I expected im think on on doin a too short one where i got new shit wit some old shit.

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