Monday, April 23, 2007

"Frisco Niggaz Ain't No Punks"
Hey this so damn sick here giving u a new dose of Bay Area Slappers.
This one is hella westcoast. Has a real classic 2Pac vibe to it. The message in the song is powerful too for those who think Mess is just a criminal and don't got nothin smart to talk about look at the picture cuz he got a message for you. JT is alway sounding sick and the song is overall a good song and something that everyone should hear.
I here Seff signed wit San Quinn and Done Deal a while back and I really love classic GLP Seff. This one sounds like a real Mobster Track. Bubbs does the hook in a Jamaican accent which is a interesting choice and does make the track sound sicker.
The beat is dumb ass hard and Dr. Dre finally puts some effort on west coast rappers, I hear that he gonna have at least another dre beat or something, but yeah this one is real sick im feeling the lyrics and the beat goes hard. P.S. my cousin met Ya Boy last week says cat is a real koo dude.
I was surprise when I heard Akon was on City Of Dope cause usually Yuk advertises cats as features when it's just him rappin on their beats, but Kanye did do a beat for him on Thug Lordz 2 so I would not be too surprised. Like the beat and hearing Akon on a Bay Area track is koo, a real Kalifornia song more than anything, he put L.A. in it too so its all good.


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