Wednesday, October 10, 2007


That's the best you could come up wit? Dam no wonder you laggin it you to busy thinkin of lame ass ways to hate on us but don't trip take a week off so you could have a list to talk shit bout us

Oh and sorry for the wait there have been some wack ass songs out so it was hard to put a good amount of songs together


All About Da Money-Daz Dillinger ft.Keak Da Sneak and Mistah F.A.B.

Breakin my Heart- Little Brother ft Lil Wayne

Operate On Me- Lil Wayne Ft. Wyclef Jean

Amalance- Fam-Lay ft Pharrell

Stronger(diff. 1st verse)- Kanye West

Henny- Freekey Zeekey ft Max B.

Sneak Come Out At Night- Keak Da Sneak

Good Look- Sean P(of Y.Bz) ft Junior Redd


Anonymous said...

lol. mannish.

Anonymous said...

aye chico can ya get "i go" by bullys wit fullys???

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you got Good Look up man, not like that wasn't up on finestmarinbeatz three weeks ago. And ambalance, that shit is old as hell. Go dig a hole, for real dude.

Anonymous said...

ay um, i think u got the all about doe link mixed wit d amalance 1

Anonymous said...

Yo you got Husalah's freestyle over the "dead presidents" beat


Anonymous said...

yo shit shit is weak chico and behind.
and thongs, thats just lame. you probably dont even get any.

Anonymous said...

wow dude.. if you came to hate, dont come at all.

Anonymous said...

its been a long minute... where you been??