Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Here are a few songs from The
Frontline, Gorilla Zoe, Federation, Lil Wayne, and Ya Boy

This Is the News- The Frontline

My Backpack- The Frontline

Money Man- Gorilla Zoe

Count On Me- Gorilla Zoe ft Jody Breeze and J.C

From The Bay- The Federation

Black Roses- The Federation

When I Was Yo Man- The Federation

Happy I Met You- The Federation ft Snoop Dogg

Smoking Section- Lil Wayne ft Juliany

The Life(Miami Vice)- Lil Wayne ft Currency and Mack Maine

My Tek- Ya Boy (A Freestyle over My Drank and My Two Step by Cassidy ft and Produced by Swizz Beatz )

Duffle Bag Boy Freestyle- Ya Boy ft Ransom

We Rollin- Juice ft Game (produced Kanye West)

You Could Be- A-Wax ft Akon

Circles- Crime Mob


Anonymous said...

haha mannish is calling you out.

Anonymous said...

btw what's with slapz?

Anonymous said...

Where you been man. It's been a week, you slippin, lettin mannish take the lead with this shit. Come on man. Step it up with the posts

Anonymous said...

chico you gotta get back into it man. got beatz is takin over your butt bro.

get it together

Anonymous said...

Yeah homie, you shit ain't tight at all.