Wednesday, June 06, 2007

New Shit

Sorry for the wait i was juss been waiting on this Kanye West song

Stronger - Kanye West
My new favorite song has some quotable's also beat is hella raw. One of the Few Cds i might Buy this year beside the Turf Talk, and Common Cd

Juss a good song to listen to

Tipsy - T-Pain
Its what happens after you buy a drank.

Sick wit it is The Crew - Turf Talk Feat. E-40
Reminds me of Yay Area bye E-40 but this one has more of a Grimmier feel to it

Broke Niggaz - Turf Talk
Nice TuPac Sample. and his flow is vicious in this one . because he whispers but not an a ying yang twin way but in a the popos might be watchin way


Anonymous said...

its been a full week bro

hope everythings aight

Anonymous said...

que honda mis guayes de hoodaffiliated lol hey ya need sum old skoo shiiet so ya should post up dat deep cover-dr. dre and whats the difference-dr.dre nd growin up-ice cube

Anonymous said...

hey guys i was listening to some of your guys bay area music and i really like a song called scottie15 by andre nikatina...its a cool song i would appreciate it if you guys would post it...thanx dungeonmaster48

Anonymous said...

another dude from the bay,
brodie low, got a song
like that turf song with the tupac sample, post this one up

called this money - SLAPS