Tuesday, May 29, 2007

New Bad Ones and Some old ones but good ass ones

Balance & Big Rich - Wassup (featuring Mistah FAB)

Turf Talk - Been A Hustler (Original Vaccine Track)
From a DJ Whoo Kid mixtape, originally set to be on the West Coast Vaccine but apparently was not so. I really like this song and this is the best and prob. only version you'll find.

Unreleased Murda Game: On SlapzAndSuch too songs by Game & Dre that were excluded from the tracklist of Doctor's Advocate which would have justified the album title more.

The Game - Hold U Down (featuring Keysha Cole) HOT!! [Produced by Dr. Dre]

The Game - Feel Good (featuring Yummy Bingham) [Produced by Dr. Dre]


Anonymous said...

links dead

Anonymous said...

These songs are good. "Feel good" for me is the best song of this album