Monday, April 23, 2007

New Slaps

dont got the Too short post ready yet but i am working on it heres somethin you guys could slap in the mean time
* stuff got some type 80's feel to it

*The Pack - Retro Kids*

*The Pack feat. Kaz Kazah - Im Shinin / Ah Need A Beat Remix

*Richie Rich - Ghostride

*Sa-Ra feat Talib Kweli - Feel The Bass*

*T-Pain feat Akon - Bartender

*** New Artist ***
His Name is G-Mo A.K.A. Tha Brain Rapist and he is from Richmond , CA

G-Mo - Dangerous

*G-Mo - Raise Hell

G-Mo A.K.A Tha Brain Rapist reminds me of a young Ya Boy but you cant really compare him he his own artist and has a voice that only Richmond can breed. He is a real beast on the mic
so check out his my space


Anonymous said...

This so-called new Pack song is strange. It's actually an unreleased Ashanti song (Number, sampling Kraftwerk's Numbers) but they're rapping on it between the hooks. That's cool anyway, but not sure it will become an official collaboration.

Chico said...

you might be right but all i know is that its off there new cd or mixtape called SS