Tuesday, April 24, 2007

****** New Artist*****
Da Starderz they from Richmond and San Pablo they consist of Nobe and J-Diz.They Produce they own slaps, they got a team called the Infantry which also includes G-Mo . Have ended at least 9 careers and ae straight up on a underground but are plannin to make bank off of it .Also have a steady fan base so check out some of there tracks and check out there
  • Myspace

  • *Da Starderz - We Back

    *Da Starderz - Slap Dat Shit

    there also finna make a video of "Soul of A Warrior"*(not on here )
    and make a remix to "Slap Dat Shit"


    Nasty said...

    you have a better quality version of the "Slap dat shit" or is there production jus shitty???

    Chico said...

    it was a myspace rip so it is a bad quality imma look for a better quality .