Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bobby Brackins

I've been hearing his name around for a while and recently heard him on a song with Young l and Jay Ant .I have also been following him on twitter( @BobbyBrackins )which got my attention because he has been on grind mode as of late i.e working with Ray-J(yeah ray j from for the the love of ray j) and Clyde Carson and his voice sounded familiar so i looked for his music myspace and found out he was in GO DAV who are now not a group and all the members are doing everything solo. His tracks are good party starters but don't let the dreads fool you his no Lil Wayne when it comes to the lyrics. So here are a few of his noteworthy tracks from Mr Brackins

Skinny Jeans - Bobby Brackins Probably a track I first heard from him a while back but didnt really much attention to but has gained him a lot of attention in

My Rims- Bobby Brackins feat Clyde Carson dope hook Clyde's verse is Dope shouts to for the gangsta ally-oop

143- Bobby Brackins feat Ray J
some love song for the club with an addicting hook. really dope

I say Hella- Bobby Brackins feat Dev an ode to the word Hella i know alot of people in the bay are goin to feel this track also featuring Dev

More post comming soon !! with the Pack and Curren$y


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