Sunday, August 16, 2009

$wag $ociety

earlier this year i posted the New Boyz Song "Your a Jerk" and the other day i was lookin for some music on ou tube then i found this video

i thought it was cool so then i wanted to see more of these "jerkin"video so i went to there youtube chanel and found these which are raw and they got dope music on it all of these videos are from $wag $ociety check there youtube chanel :
and here A song they did produced by J-hawk whos a dope producer

DO YA DANCE- $wag $ociety (produced By Jhawk)*exclusive*

this one $wag $ociety do it over D-Los No Hoe Remix

$wag $ociety go over New Boyz-Turnt Up

this one ones mad funny song is THE DUDEz-JERK ME OFF

and my personal favorite Stunnaman - Mollywhop


Anonymous said...

I dont know what to say. Tight Brightly colored skinny ass nut-hugger jeans, everyone is wearing a backpack that is probably empty. and bright ass skate shoes. what the fuck. People like that used to be bustas. Punk rock Beezies. and now that shit is all good with everybody? this shit is backwards. now i was never a fan of baggy ass jeans but really? skinny ass jeans like this is hood now? this is fuckin backwards as hell. every single one looks like the last one in these videos. fuckin hipster trend whore flavor of the month muhfuckas.

Anonymous said...

and p.s.
this music isnt even fuckin good. on some Soulja boy level in terms of intelligence.