Monday, August 03, 2009

Jacka Tear Gases Hip-Hop

Anyone who is a die hard Jacka fan has been dying for this for a minute. This album blew me away so hard I became a huge supporter of him right after. Tear Gas has become the Jack Artist's most acclaimed effort. The rhyme is rich and every song on the album grips you and has its own story. It slaps for those who want trunk music ("Glamorous Lifestyle") and it inspires ("Dreams"). It takes you into an artist's mind ("Dopest Forreal" and "Summer"). Despite the first singles "All Over Me" and "Girls" which are both catchy and sick songs the entire album is filled with conflict and triumph; only 2Pac pulled off that balance and Jacka proves he can hang. This album deserves praise and should be bought. As i've heard Jack has reached the Billboards and the album has a strong cult following building on it. Hip-Hop is evolving, guys like Kid Cudi and Drake and others are building acclaim based on their strong fanbase putting them on. The Jack should be next, and even though Hus is not featured on the album it really allows Jacka to command the stage. I give this album a 9/10. Its near perfect and the best bay area artist album since San Quinn's Boy To A Man last year. The bay seems to be falling off slowly and Tear Gas blows into the scene like a hurricane. I just hope more artists can follow or modify the format as this album does very effectively; proving once more that he is The Jack Of All Trades.

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