Monday, December 15, 2008

"U Play The Game, U Play Everything That Go Wit It"

San Quinn & Keak Da Sneak - Streets Don't Lie (Produced by Chops)

Quinn Has been spending quite some time with Chops, who is famous for producing tracks for Bun B, The Game, Young Jeezy & Lil Wayne. He offered some production on Quinn's From A Boy To A Man which has got to be Quinn's most impressive album. This track is pretty amazing and employs an anthemic sounding sample. Keak goes hard, but Quinn steals the show because the song content is right in his confort zone.

San Quinn & Keak Da Sneak - Welcome To Scokland (Produced by Chops)

PSD Tha Drivah - 'Til I Float

So Amazing. I bought Messy Marv's Draped Up & Chipped Out 3 and i was almost disappointed until I stumbles upon this gem. I heard PSD bout to get locked up and thats too bad because this is the best PSD song i think ive ever heard. and heres a frew other of Draped Up 3

Messy Marv - Dey Make Those?

After all those shitty fruity loop beats that mess has been using lately im glad that his sense for complete sounding tracks has returned.

G-Stack - Dr. Purple Thumb

Stack comes with his best Kokane impression. The beat sounds like some classic Too Short and I really like it. It sounds like some game oriented music and this track is funny. Im feelin this one.

Mistah FAB - Throw Ya Hood Up (Produced by Sean T)

Despite the shitty ass title this track is super solid and if FAB's lyrical content will be this rich when he drops his major label album then it might be worth checking out.

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