Monday, November 24, 2008

808s & Heartbreak: The Sound Of Art

So music is in a stage where to want to buy a rap album you have to have extreme motivation. Although reviews on Kanye's new album are mixed I am immensly impressed by the artistry of Kanye West. It's not easy to take someone else's idea and improve upon it. T-Pain's talent is in the fact that he has singing talent but dosent use Auto-Tune responsibly. Kanye does. 808s is about not only about the singing, its about the production which is the richest ever. Most of the beats on the album sound like Ye contracted and Orchestra to help him out. Its amazing to take a comlete 180 from your previous work and re-invent yourself. This album is not about what we want its about what we need. Hip-Hop is taking a nose dive and this album injects new life into a dying genre. Hopefully this album can serve as a blueprint for more albums to come. Kanye said himself this isnt rap, it's Pop Art. And I cannot link a leak. This album is just too amazing and deserves to be paid for.


Anonymous said...

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Mr. So Damn Sick said...

naw im koo

O said...

Screw 808s, it's all about the Sky High mixtape. You know when that's coming out?