Monday, May 05, 2008

Tryin out a new sharin system tell me if it work fo y'all new songs sorry for the wait but we should be kickin the blog in full gear on June 1st i promise (no homo) but in the mean time heres some new slapps (dont know if its still cool to say that)but enjoy and come back soon!!

Who Styled On Ya- Curren$y

Another Story to Tell- Curenn$y

California Love- Lil Wayne Ft Tyga

Put On- Young Jeezy ft Kanye West
1st Single off Jeezys new CD

Lime Light- The Pack
some new shit from the Pack Off there new Mixtape Screaming Demons which is comming out soon

I Got Money- Sky Balla Ft Ya Boy

Drivin Down The Block Remix- Kidz In the Hall ft Pusha T (From The Clipse) Bun B and The Cool Kids

So V.I.P/- The Jacka ft Matt Blaque PF from Go Dav.

A Milli- Lil Wayne Cd Version


Anonymous said...

can someone post screamin demons ...that song go hella hard .....

Anonymous said...

Jeezy link dont work...its LimeLight

Anonymous said...

finally!!!! a post.

Western Addition said...

I just got Screaming Demons up on my blog. I'm real excited about this Pack mixtape.

Not trying to steal your thunder or anything mayne, just letting him know I got the link he looking for.