Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Request Anzwer'D

Here you go, 4 Whoever Requested that Team Knoc. If you hear some slapz, Request and I'll post up or if you need a re-up ask!, and I'll do it. Dont Be 'Fraid We Dont Bite...No Fucking Spite.
Ps. Request That Team Knoc, And I Guarntee To Get The Exclusive Shit...
Ima Party-Team Knoc

My List, Songs...

Kaiser- Too Short

Pop Thizz Like Me-Team Knoc

Jump Out The Box-Team Knoc
(Dope...Dope) TRUTH!


Anonymous said...

ay wut good muh nigga.
Kan u git that southern slaps muh nigga. Bay area all good n shit but i feel tha south shit and we want to git a cd goin for dem parties ya feel me. Good Lookin on this site muh nig.

Anonymous said...

wuts money cuddy.i kno dis site bout introducen new artists n sharin slaps,so u think u can check out my niggas frm vallejo.its a group called THA GRIMYEES,dey aint well known but dey slap real hard n u postin dem n showin luv will mak dem b known all round da bay.u wont regret it!!ya boy D.