Friday, April 04, 2008

Have Your Cake and Ice Cream

Mr. So Damn Sick here, ima try to get more consistent with posts. Chico and Chinkilla got the based and youth aspect of the bay music. I got that Gangsta Rap on lock right now. So Messy Marv has changed his name recently. He is now The Boy Boy Young Mess. He got a new album coming out called "Cake & Ice Cream" coming out soon. Please buy it. Bring the bay back status fur real.

Young Mess - Cheat On Her (feat. J-Holiday)

Has to be the lead single cuz it is way hot. Sei Luv was just the begining. Mess is going for a much more mature sound right now which is real refreshing and J-Holiday is real hot on radio right now so go for it Mess. It don't Sound much like J Holiday but its a HOT ass track none the less

Young Mess - I Stay Peppered Up

It was only a matter of time. Mess got Vocoder. Sounds Solid. Mess is gangsta he can kinda get away with it tho.

Young Mess - Im Having Chedda (featuring Matt Blaque)

Sick Mess shit. And more vocoder.

Balance - I'm Good (featuring Young Mess & Yukmouth)

Clean Version, Ill get a dirty when i find it. This one is NOT off Cake and Ice Cream. Balance track. But Sick None The Less.

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