Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Aint Goin No Where!!

Yep Hood Affiliated Ain't goin stop as long as y'all want some slaps imma be be postin. jus tell people you know to check us out through myspace bulletins and comments .and also try to click the google ads like 2 time a day would be cool and trust me ill keep bringin the music!!

heres some twista ,SS,Ya boy, And Lil Wayne tracks for yall oh and a cd in zip file

Break'em Off- Young O.T.
Brand New- Lyfe Jennings Feat Lil Wayne
The Boss- Rick Ross Feat T Pain
MoFuckin Boss- Young L
Pop Them- Ya Boy
One Night Only- Twista
Dj Skee Presents American Godfather-Jay-Z


Anonymous said...

Can U get The A'z-Cat Walk Girl also The A'z-Escape of The 6 inch Heels

Anonymous said...

why do we have to click on the google ads?

Chico said...

To support Hood Affiliated so if you have some time please do so thanks in advance

disappointed fan of H.A. said...

chico how often do you plan on posting? everyday i check and it's the same post. you used to update so much back in the day.