Thursday, November 08, 2007



Well, To Start Lupe Fiasco Defintely My Fav. Artist Of All Time, I Don't Have His New Album "The Cool" Yet, Kinda Not Leaking Anywhere, So When I Get It I'll Feature Some More of His Songs. + I Think I'll Be Going With Box Sharing Instead Of Zhares, Box Includes No Ads... And Its Direct Link Not Clickin' Like 3 To 4 Times Before It Lets You DL! So Here's Lupe's Video Of Superstar( I Know Kinda Late, But For Those WHo Have Not Seen It) And If Your Diggin' The Lupe, I Could Post More Of His Stuff(Ihave Dayz Worth Of Musik)


Here Go Some Of Lupe's Song I Picked Out From His Mixtapes That Are RAWR!!!!(Click The songs Jus If Your Lost The Links Are There)

Lupe Fiasco - Superstar

Lupe Fiasco Ft.Verbal&Sarah Green - Can You Let Me Know

Lupe Fiasco, Ghostface, & Mike Shinoda - Spray Paint

Lupe Fiasco - Conflict Diamonds

Lupe Fiasco - Outty 5000


mberr said...

yeah son, lupe's the shit. Upload whatever you have, as it'll be appreciated. BTW, that song dumb it down is tight. Lupe always spit real shit, its nice to have a break from stupid doo doo dumb once in a while

Anonymous said...

You Post was clean with that Lupe Shit His Music Is Clean but can you get two songs for me One is Young And The Restless-So Sexy Remix and the other one is Young L-Aint A Game Thanks if You can get this can keep Yo shit up my dud

Anonymous said...

Can U get Young L & Lil B-Money Ho thanks