Monday, November 19, 2007

Back To The Dumb Dity Dumb! +New
Sorry, You Guyz For Laggin' It And What NOT! But Life Is Gettin' Harder So I Proably Be Able To Post Porably Once A Week...Hopefully Twice A Week, Itz Just Fucking Hw And Shit Getz To Ya' You Know! So I'll Be Postin' Bigger Post So Check On It And Keep It Live! Rep Thee BAY! *Jock Stat.= Personnel Like-ingg

Dumby Musik:

Jimmy Roses- Out Here

Andre Nickatina feat. Jimmy Roses & Mr. Kee- Falling To The Top

Mistah F.A.B.- Diss To Royce Da 59

Jimmy Roses- I Can Rock It *Jock Stat.

Buddah Mac Ft. Jimmy Roses- Bounce

Jimmy Roses- Hunger Plains

Traxmillion- SF Anthem *Jock Stat.


Wu-Tang Clan- Life Changes

Obie Trice Ft. Jay-Z- Fallin'(Remix) *Jock Stat.

Lil' Wayne- Brand New

Lil' Wayne- One Night Only *Jock Stat.

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