Thursday, September 06, 2007

Lil Bit of Everything

Da Beeper Song pt.2- Fam-Lay

Beat is fuckin amazin


Dumb it Down- Lupe Fiasco

New track from lupe. Sound trakk on the beat


Feel On it- Bishop Lamont

New artist on aftermath (Dr. Dres Label)


Table Dance- Boyz n da Hood ft T- Pain

Somthin new from Boyz N Da Hood


U Can Believe it- Playas circle ft LudaCris

Guys who made duffle bag boy wit anotha hot one


Bar Up- Young Squad

Produced by Yung L so you know its goin slap


Bop Ridin Shot Gun- Diligentz

Off Fressh Impressions 2 mixtape


Pinnochio- Diligentz ft erk

Also Off Fressh Impressions 2 mixtape



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Anonymous said...

Can U Get Whole Mixtape of Fressh Impressions 2 mixtape if u can post it please thanks