Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Its been a while

It been a minute but I got some good one s for ya so for other bloggers I suggest you sit back and take notes(i.e. Mannish)For those who aren't Affiliated I Suggest you do


Belt Buckle Lil Go ft Young L, Young Scott

Wit Young L Ont the beat you cant go wrong


Freezin in My Town- Go Dav

Go Dav Bring there fusion of R&b and Rap wit Traxamillion on the beat


In My Car The Pack

1st single from there cd "Based Boys"


I Get Money Billion Dollar Remix- 50 Cent ft Diddy, Jay-z

A lot of money on this record


Well Its Time- Twista

Produced By Kanye West


I be IN the Club Remix- Mistah F.A.b. ft Luc Duc

Florida to Cali.




Anonymous said...

show mannish what it takes to really run a slapp site, cuz he just doesn't understand.

Mannish said...

Have fun with this kiddy site. I have been building my army, just wait hood affiliated. You need to take notes... Just you wait. Your game isn't even close to proper. And to all the haters on this site, that is, those who love Hood Affiliated's crap, think about the 5-10 tracks you are getting from this scrub, and realize that you are being jipped. Oh, I forgot to mention, I love all of your albums that you post, thats a definite flaw in your system. Peace, and keep on smoking cock over here...


Anonymous said...

I agree with Mannish. You do have a good site going here, but don't get to cocky cause there are a lot of other sites i go to and get a lot of slaps from that you don't even post, and some i get it way before you post it. So don't get cocky cause you do have a good site but other bloggers are stepping up before you.

Anonymous said...

can you get 4 the ladies only from the pack please