Thursday, August 30, 2007

Kanye West

Champion - Kanye
Best song off Graduation to me

Good Life - Kanye ft T-Pain

T-pain does a good job on this cause he dont use that robot voice

Drunk And Hot Girls - Kanye ft Mos Def

Anotha hot one from Kanye my second favorite song off graduation

Barry Bonds - Kanye ft Lil Wayne

the dirty version weezy not really bringing his A-game but but its anotha hit Barry Bonds.

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Anonymous said...

Can U Try To Get These Songs
Young Squad-Bars Up
Young Squad-Roll Them Eyes
Young L-Enlightenment
Young Squad-Squad Klick
Young Squad-So Fresh
Diligentz-Nigga Im Shock
Diligentz-God Dammit Im Fly
Diligentz-Patty Cake
Diligentz-Bop Riding ShotGun
The A’z-Get Money
Diligentz-Bop Riding ShotGun
I Heard Messy Marv made a song with birdman but Im not forsher can u check for me