Friday, August 03, 2007


I got some exclusive tracks off Too Short's I LOVE THE BAY album. Everyone has "Video Vixen" by Hoodstarz so ill go into the lesser known but slappin tracks

Dolla Will - Doors Open (Produced by Traxamillion)

Trax rips on the Lil Jon formula but drumbs it up nicely, the hook is basic but the beat really fills the track out. Dolla is an artist signed to Up All Night.

The Team - U C It (Produced by Young L)

Another Lil Jon-ish beat by Young L used but refreshing. Team is back, the whole Team. Even Mannish is on this one. A used title but the song is a slapper none the less.

Messy Marv - I Don't Dance (Produced by Traxamillion)

Aint heard a new mess song since he got locked up, short and kinda hollow but at least Mess is still present. FREE MESSY MARV.

Bavgate - Park The Scrapers (Produced by Young L)

Very Wolfpack production i didnt think Bav's gangsta Thizz style would fit the track but I was wrong this is easily one of the best songs off the entire album. It slaps.

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