Wednesday, July 11, 2007

MVP- Lil Wayne & Hot Rod

Wayne On the hook and has the first verse and Hot Rod manages to keep up wit Wayne on the second verse

Best Line: Comes from Hot rod "Mami had a white man she was used to him, he was 4 inches so she wasn't used to 10 , if she wasn't used to 10 then she wasn't used to me,im not used to 2 hoes but I am used to 3."

Viva La White Girl Remix- Gym Class Heroes ft Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne again provin why he is the best . and Gym Clax

Best Line:"stand in the mirror and powder my face up, and I have never been the one to make up"

Me Love- Sean Kingston

It's an okay song from the new comer beat is not over the top but goes well with his voice

Best Line: none really caught my ear but if you find one that you like feel free to comment to tell what it is.

Crossroads (original mix)-Bone Thugs

Throwback Bone Thugs

Best Line: The whole song

Happy I Met You- Federation ft. Snoop Dogg

A first-class track from Federation and Snoop Dogg

Best Line:"get my grown man game up do away wit them tricks, trynna wotk on a you and me relationship"

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