Thursday, July 05, 2007

**Quick Fix Brought To You By Chico**

it a new thing that I Chico am going to be doin so you'll could get somethin new at least once a week cause its seems only me and Chinkilla have been postin most of the stuff for the past couple of weeks and i aint really likin that cause i got to take out personal time from learnin html codes and shit to look for some new stuff and post up but i aint really goin to trip about it cause people might get butt hurt but hey juss sayin to the Contributers
so let get it started wit the Quick Fix brought to you by me "Chico"

imma start it off wit with this new song ive been slappin since monday and cant really stop listen to

Championship Bottles- Birdman ft. Lil Wayne
Wayne kills it on the 1st verse and Birdman does well on the rest of the song a top notch song
Best Line From Song:"start wit straight shots and then pop bottles pour it on the models shut up bitch swallow"

Killing Me- Lil Wayne
Song has a good sample and Wayne delivers to every one why he is better than Jay-Z and if you aint on Wayne now you will be in the next couple of months
Best Line:"3 in the morning i ain home yet shorty blowin up my phone like a bomb threat"

Pray To The Lord- Lil Wayne

Waynes been comin out wit songs bout death 1st i feel like dyin and now this one feel like dyin was a good song but this song surpasses it
Best Line:"I’ve had breakfast…will I make it to lunchtime? And I aint joking so don’t be looking for punchlines"

Gettin It- Cool Kids ft Lil Wayne
best new group ive herd in a while gonna up more stuff from them cause the got some slapps
Best Line:"say yo abc's not "a bay bay"got the all blue 3 like 1 2 tres no espanol then thats ok"

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