Sunday, June 17, 2007

Some Old Great Slaps...Bringin' Back The Old Dayz


Since '84-Mac Dre

Im In Motion-Mac Dre

Too Hard For The Fucking Radio-Mac Dre

AYO For Yayo-Andre Nickatina

This Is My First Post, So Im Starting Off Slow But They'll Be More...New & Old+Specials


Anonymous said...

chinkilla......ur like beyond gay...... u should no who dis is!!!!

Anonymous said...

hey chico blood, if u could hook that messy slick that would be lovelell. i heard the yuk track is fuckin' fire. i noticed y'all from the rich too, y'all know of a song where the chorus is all like "rich-mond! rich-mond! rich-mond!' my cuddie at work used to bump that shit all the yime. anyways if you could hook up either of those thats what it iz, i'm at:

still gotta cop the shit though but just to hear it mayne on the treal, plus i'm doin' the MESSY SLICK week over at my blog at week. i'll definitely plug y'all fa sho. good looks on ya site mayne, i'm feelin it

Anonymous said...