Wednesday, June 27, 2007

New Stuff

Doin That- Clyde Carson ft Sean Kingston

Talk It Over- Lil Wayne (was supposed to be on We The Best)

Beat Without Bass- Freaky Zeeky ft Jha Jha And Lil Wayne

Hood Nigga- Gorilla Zoe(new member of Boyz in da Hood he is replacin Young Jeezy)

Cry Out- Lil Wayne

Ask Them Hoes- Lil Wayne

Shot To The Heart- Rick Ross


Anonymous said...

if u could upload the corner by go dav and the jacka that would be sick cuz the older posts donr work

og triple og josh said...

cum on edwill im waitn youe wasteless stupid bitch i still luv u tho i cant wait till we pants u again lol