Friday, May 25, 2007

New Slapps

The Popos - Turf Talk Feat. E-40

Prostitute Flange - Lil Wayne

Let It Bump - The Pack

The Corner - Go DAV Feat. The Jacka

Let it Go - Turf Talk Feat Mistah F.A.B.
(Produced by Traxamillion)

Who You Want it - BlockBoyz Feat. Clyde Carson
(Produced Traxamillion)

Lean In It - Kafani(
Guy who did Fasst)

Im Rich Bitch - Young F Feat Lil Uno
(of The Pack)(Produced By Young L)

Fabolous Feat. Ne-yo - Make Me Better


Anonymous said...

good post
if you get a chance can u post
"Show Me Yo Deerfoot" - PSD
"Bring It Back" - DJ Unk

Anonymous said...

what it do....these songs slap...i was wonderin Chico...if you have heard of Tha Zone... they got some sick shit...holla at me ....

Chico said...

naw what the link and ill check it out(for the"tha zone")

Anonymous said...

can u re-up the blockboyz track? thx

Anonymous said...

hey chico do u think you can repost these songs because they arent workin no more and i want them

Anonymous said...

hey chico

i`m jus wonderin if you can re-up the go dav & jacka song & the blockboyz.

thanks :)