Saturday, May 12, 2007

Cellski t.k.a. Mr. Predictor

Cellski is one of the most talented artists in the Bay Area. He is not really known by many other than fans who have been up on him since he started. Not just that but he is one of the most impressive Producers in the bay starting with his own songs and also RBL Posse, Rappin' 4 Tay, the Thizz camp, Turf Talk, Celly Cel and others. I just wanted to put up some songs he has made and also produced.
The beat goes really hard. It sounds gutter and very much like the old RBL Posse music that he put on in the early 90s i do hear that this one came out circa 2000 but it don't matter if u from the you have to have this one on your iPod or mix.
This is the newest song that Cellski has come out with and it stays close to the hyphy movement. The beat sounds like something that Dr. Dre would do so it showcases his versatility as a producer and that he is still very active in the game. The lyrics go hard and the hook is reall catchy so enjoy it.
This one is of the Thizz How We Eat album by the Thizz camp. The song is simple but it is really sick and another one of those slaps that reminds you Cellski ain't disappeared anywhere.
Off the Slaps, Straps and Baseball Caps album. Hyphy beat and the topic is self-explanitory. Luni delivers the best verse on the whole track. Turffy spits real clean to and Cel kicks it really koo, but its just wierd cause im not too used to Hyphy Celly Cel yet, but sick Cellski beat.
Now Here's some classics you might not know Cellski produced:
This one is so fuckin sick. 1994 and I think my second favorite Cellski beat. It really sums up the funk of the time and another Dre-Style beat, from the 90s of course.
The best Cellski beat ever!!! This has got to be one of the greatest songs that was ever made. This was the track that got RBL signed and Cellski really did his thizzle on this one. The sample is real sick and the flute melody is what makes the beat so memorable.


YEE! you know what it thizz said...

aye, post up that clyde carson 2 step. i wanna slap that shit.

leftcoast415 said...

didn't know cellski produced those two RBL Posse songs. I agree with what you said about that "Bammer Weed" song.