Wednesday, April 25, 2007

****** Diligentz******

Diligentz consist of four guys named Jay Ant, Damey ,Pranksta ,and Star.Are also the starters of the Punk Rock movement here in the bay. They may not be new artist in the bay but they do go hella hard so im here to showcase there music and there music video

*Diligentz Feat. Go Dav - Bopular

*Diligentz- Punk Rock

*Diligentz Feat. The Pack and Go Dav - Punk Rock Remix

Punk Rock Remix Video

Check out there Myspace

  • Diligentz Myspace

  • New Slapz

    *Young Buck Feat. C-Bo - Teach em Bout Playin

    *W C Feat. Ice Cube - This is Los Angeles

    *T-Pain - My Girl Gotta Girlfriend

    *Sean Paul (of the Young Bloodz)Feat. San Quinn and Berener - We Got It

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