Monday, September 11, 2006

aight this is the first post
imma give you the purpose of this blog : which is to give yall the latest slaps and introduce you guys to some new artist. such as Young M.U.R.D.A./ Made Men. who outta Daily city To the Tha Rich Yee!aight so heres to songs to get this thing goin be sure to give me your opinion on thib=ngs so i could improve the blog or to give some requests

*heres a link to tha new frontline song called I.M.G

beat sounds like some Dr Dre slash Scott Storch type shit

*That Young M.U.R.D.A.

called Get Wit a Bad One beat and lyrics go hard he got them metaphor's on this one

*new Ya Boy Feat. Dre from Cool and Dre. called Holla at Ya Boy

thats all fo now ill have some more shit up some time this week


max23 said...

thats you on tha links, keep up that bay shyt!! love it all mayne!! max ~ slapzandsuch

og tripple og josh said...

ey wats up dis is og triple og josh.... ya fuckin stupid wit this weak ass web site dis is da weakest website ever ..... slapzand such is 100 times better than this weak ass web site.... do everybody a favor and die bitches especially da terrorist lookin guy wit no penis (edwill).... o yea and if ya want to improve dis web site take dat guy who wears air jesus of this website i think his name is jaimioso ....o yea luis aka birdman told me to say dat young murder sux and to stop rappin and to continue gang bangin wit la mara salvatrucha lol bye bitches

faggy(i luv edwill) said...

edwill has a big penis

young m.u.r.d.e.r is sex (i want u ) said...

anti terrorism......(fuck edwill)

i luv cave men said...

keep all da cavemen alive especiially edwil

Chico said...

fuck you triple og josh aka king kong . i didnt know that gorillas could type or even use a computer